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Sila Prava Presented Draft Law of Ukraine "On Liability" Including Feedback as of May 17,…

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Sila Prava: The Legal Front. The Weekly Report June 17 – 22, 2019

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Sila Prava: The Legal Front. The Weekly Report, June 10 – 15, 2019

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Sila Prava: The Legal Front. Weekly Report June 3 – 8, 2019

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Sila Prava: the Legal Front. The weekly report May 27 – 30, 2019

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The Sila Prava Political Team’s Statement

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Sila Prava addressed the Security Service of Ukraine with a claim on a crime committed…

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Board #76777: New Evidence for International Court against War Criminals

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A Large-scale offensive on the legal front

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Foreign experts recognize the competition efforts of Sila Prava

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The First President of Ukraine addressed the People of Ukraine

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The appeal of the human rights movement Sila Prava to all those to whom Ukraine…

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Odessa joins the legal struggle against the aggressor state

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The first ruling encharging Russia to compensate losses inflicted by the military aggression came into…

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Sila Prava keeps legally attacking the aggressor state in Lugansk region

09.15.2016 Read

Sila Prava warns the members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine against criminal liability

09.13.2016 Read

A defender of Ukraine wounded during the breakthrough from Ilovaisk gained the victory at legal…

08.30.2016 Read

Sila Prava received the first ruling encharging Russia to compensate losses inflicted by the military…

08.30.2016 Read

The court enforced Russia to compensate losses inflicted by the aggression to an internally displaced…

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08.13.2016 Read

The aggressor state is forced to compensate the losses of the citizens of Ukraine

07.25.2016 Read

The Power of Law Came Out on Top

07.04.2016 Read

Sila Prava received the first ruling in favor of the wounded defender of Ukraine

07.01.2016 Read

Ukrainian court arrested the 3 billion USD Russian loan

06.01.2016 Read

Experts claim the Ukrainian authorities are inactive in admitting the fact of military aggression of…

05.18.2016 Read

Russia's assets worth $700 million arrested in France

04.11.2016 Read

Sila Prava and the family of the killed Ukrainian mayor commence a legal struggle against…

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Sila Prava gained another victory on legal frontline

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The government of Ukraine decided not to provide IDPs who managed to run up 13…

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US court: Iran must pay 10.5 billion USD to the families of those killed in…

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