05:25 PM11.12.2015

Sila Prava expands the network of Public Reception Offices

Sila Prava will shortly expand its network by opening Public Reception Offices in 7 cities of Ukraine. Therefore, the NGO`s network will soon consist of 8 offices where the IDPs from Donbass and Crimea as well as other citizens of Ukraine affected by Russian military aggression are provided with legal assistance.


Please find the addresses of the Public Reception offices below:

  1. 5 Lesi Ukrainki Street, Chernovtsy
  2. Office 115, Sadovaya Street, Odessa
  3. 23, Komsomolskiy Ave, Sokolovskoe, Kirovograd region
  4. 178, Perekopskaya Street, Kherson
  5. 2, Ofitserskaya Street, Bila Tserkva, Kiev region
  6. 10 Pobedy street, Zhytomyr, st. Victory,
  7. 71, Kniazia Vladimira Street, Rivno

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