01:29 PM11.03.2015

Zakharchenko: the internally displaced persons will have to wash away their guilt

Giving an interview to DPR Newspaper, Alexander Zakharchenko, the pro-Russian separatist leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, noted that the IDPs who fled Donbass during active hostilities and returned back home, will have to wash away their guilt.


“Those who fled Donbass and slimed us while living in Kiev, Lvov and Ternopol, are not welcome here. Naturally, we will not shoot down those who came back. Still they will have to wash away their guilt and prove their value. Perhaps, we will take to court those, whose actions stirred up hatred and affected “the republic”. Admit it`s quite strange to see people from Russia, Europe and America come and defend “Donetsk People’s Republic”, while young and healthy men flee Donbass, seek shelter abroad, wait for the hostilities to cease, and then get back home”, – noted the pro-Russian separatist.

Simultaneously, Zakharchenko admitted that many of those, who stayed in Donetsk, are not engaged in the DPR activities: they were unable to flee the territory.

“They did not have either money or determination to do so. They were waiting for the hostilities to cease. I think these guys are no different from those who fled. So, every case is individual. It goes without saying that those who disputed the “DPR” in arms or were engaged in restoring industry, economy, and infrastructure, are the true elite of our state. We will keep on building the “Donetsk People’s Republic” by actively engaging these leaders. The rest will have to prove their value and loyalty”, – noted the terrorist.


Source: obozrevatel.com

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