12:14 PM06.03.2019

The Sila Prava Political Team’s Statement

The main objective of the Sila Prava team on the parliamentary elections is to form the coalition majority of the patriotic forces in the next Verkhovna Rada that is capable of ensuring the re-establishment of the full peace and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the development of a powerful, democratic state of law that values and respects each citizen, cares about his welfare, guarantees and protects his rights, provides his security and safety.

We are ready to team up as long as the coalition agreement is based on the next principles:

  1. The Russian Federation is an aggressor that started a war against Ukraine, invaded Crimea and Donbas using weapons, and shall be responsible for all committed crimes against Ukrainian people. Each square centimeter of the Ukrainian land and sea must be returned, and the inflicted damage to Ukraine and Ukrainians must be compensated. The denial of the principle mentioned above represents the betrayal of national interests and the desecration of the memory of the perished defendants of Ukraine;
  2. The representatives and members of Yanukovych’s regime are the traitors of Ukraine and secret agents of the Russian Federation, are fully responsible for Russian aggression against Ukraine and its horrible consequences. The political forces, formed by members of Yanukovych’s regime, are the Fifth Column that is trying to help the Russian Federation restore the full control over our state in order to destroy its sovereignty and independence. The formation of the parliamentary coalition with such political forces is an inappropriate compromise with the aggressor;
  3. European and Euro Atlantic integration is the main strategical course of Ukraine’s foreign policy. The highest priority for state reforms is the adjustment to all requirements for the entry to these international organizations, and the development of strong modern army – is the key to confidence for Ukraine and Ukrainians in the years to come;
  4. The oligarchy-commodity economical model is ineffective, and it is destroying the competitive environment in the state, it is a real threat for the National Security of Ukraine, causing the massive emigration of citizens that may lead to unbearable consequences in the nearest future. The main competitive advantage of Ukraine is the diligence and intellect of the nation. In addition, Ukraine has unique natural resources and infrastructure potential, the geographical location, and a free trade zone with the biggest EU market. The usage of such factors to turn Ukraine into South Korea of Europe is a vital necessity, as well as the victory in the armed conflict against the RF. The main target for Ukraine for the next ten years is to be among twenty the most developed countries of the world, and it is relentless;
  5. The strategical objective of the Ukrainian State’s existence is the establishment of conditions for the development of Ukrainian Nation, the self-realization and the happiness for each Ukrainian. The national policy course must be based on this objective. The Happiness Index of the UN must be the key measure to determine the efficiency of the State Administration.

Sila Prava encourages political forces that share these principles to support and join.

Foreign experts recognize the competition efforts of Sila Prava

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