01:38 PM10.08.2015

The list of Donbass enterprises exported to Russia released to public

According to the FB page of the Public Union DONBASS NGO, Donbass plunder reached disaster proportions.


Recently, the following enterprises have disappeared from the territory of Lugansk region:

  • Lugansk Mechanical Engineering Plant – exported to Russia;
  • Sotyi Plant – exported to Russia;
  • The unique Donets State-owned Enterprise famous for crystal-growing technologies – exported to Russia;
  • Gorizont Lugansk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant – cut apart for scrap;
  • Lugcentrokuz – production is ceased and can`t restarted due to low voltage in the contact system heating units from being restarted;
  • Transmash – production of frozen;
  • Luganskteplovoz – privatized by a Russian company, production ceased;
  • Polipak – exported to Russia;
  • Marshal – exported to Russia, the plant`s territory is currently being used as the artillery maintenance depot;
  • Lugansk Tube Mill – production ceased, the enterprise cut apart for scrap;
  • Vtorchermet – cut apart for scrap;
  • Lugansk Casting Roller Plant – half-destroyed, most of the surviving equipment is planned to be exported to Russia;
  • Bryanka Mining Equipent Repair Plant – cut apart for scrap completely;
  • Chernukha Motive Power Fleet base (the so-called car shed) cut apart for scrap including cars and connecting tracks;
  • Unost Space Manufacturing Defense Plant – exported to Russia;
  • Lugansk Casting and Mechanical Plant – cut apart for scrap;
  • ProkatService Metallworks – plundered;
  • Motor Plant – plundered;
  • Lugansk Aircraft Repair Plant – exported to Russia;
  • LugaTerm – plundered;
  • Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant: cut apart for scrap, supposedly run at PJSC Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works;
  • Stakhanov Wagon Works – production frozen;
  • Lugansk Pharmaceuticals Plant – supposedly currently produces banned medications.

In August 2014, Topaz Plant (world-famous for developing electronic warfare systems) was built-down.

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