03:51 PM03.17.2016

The government of Ukraine decided not to provide IDPs who managed to run up 13 thousand UAH with payments

According to Facebook post by Aleksander Dubinsky, creative producer of journalist investigations department at 1+1 TV Channel, the State of Ukraine will not grant payments to those IDPs who accrued 13 thousand UAH on their bank accounts.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine disseminated the message requiring banks to provide it with information on the IDPs account state.

“Mrs. Yaresko asks to inform if any of the IDPs` family members had over 10 living wages (12180 – 13780 UAH) on their bank accounts within the period of October 1, 2014 – March, 1, 2016. In case such sum was present even for 24 hours, families of IDPs would be deprived from receiving compensations for accommodation and housing fees according to resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #505. Does it sound fair”? – Dubinsky noted.

Mr. Dubinsky pays attention to the wording “verification of information provided by the IDPs to receive social payments, pensions, subsidies, etc.”

In other words, the IDPs who have over 13 thousand UAH on their bank accounts are supposed to be able to personally pay for their patriotism and refusal to live on the occupied territories.

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