02:09 PM11.13.2015

The former shareholders of Yukos started receiving reimbursement

According to information provided by Stichting Administratiekantoor Financial Performance Holdings – the company dealing with issues of Yukos assets abroad – the former shareholders of the Russian OJSC “Yukos Oil Company” started receiving reimbursement for the assets sold.


Those who “bought, received or owned equity stock of Yukos or Yukos American depositary receipts within the period of July 2, 2003, – November 28, 2007, inclusive, will be receiving reimbursement”.

According to Yukos claims management website, the company`s Reimbursement Fund amounts to “at least” 337 million USD.

The representatives of Yukos International have recently claimed the total number of Yukos shareholders exceeds 50 thousand persons.

The former Yukos shareholders are currently trying to make the Russian Federation pay an indemnity of € 1.87 billion as adjudged by the European Court of Human Rights.

Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague assessed 50 billion USD damage caused by the activities of the Russian authorities to Yukos shareholders. In summer 2015, the authorities of some European countries started levying Russian assets, while Russia stated they would stand against the plaintiffs.


Source: pravda.com.ua

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