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Sila Prava: the Legal Front. The weekly report May 27 – 30, 2019

  1. At Berdychev District Court, Zhytomyr region, we won three different cases in favor of:
  2. The lieutenant-artillerist Vitaly Onischuk who was injured on September 3, 2014, near Pobeda village, Novoaydar district, Lugansk region;
  3. The artillerist Maksym Fediaev who was injured on August 14, 2014, near Amvrosiyivka city, Donetsk region;
  4. The scout-operator of the artillery intelligence, senior soldier Vadym Shymko who was injured near Vesela Gora village in close vicinity to Lugansk.
  5. At Chechelnytsky District Court, Vinnytsa region, we defeated the aggressor state together with the mother of the fallen militia captain Ruslan Khalus who defended Ukraine as a member of Myrotvorets Battalion and was killed on August 29, 2014, during the Battle of Ilovaysk (The Ilovaysk Cauldron).
  6. In the district court of Lutsk, Volyn’ region, together with the wife of the deceased anti-tank rocket launcher from the 14th brigade, who died in multiple gunshot wounds, we proved the guilt of the Russian Federation.
  7. At Chornobayiv District Court, Cherkasy region, and Khmelnytsky District Court, Khmelnytsky region, together with internally displaced persons – Konstantin Tolstyh from Gorlivka and Olexandr Yurchuk from Sevastopol – we proved they were forced to flee from their home cities as a result of the RF military aggression against Ukraine.

On Wednesday, June 5, at the Court of Appeal of Zaporizhya region, together Tetyana Chimirkova, the widow of the IL-76 commander, the lieutenant colonel Olexandr Beliy, the Sila Prava legal team will struggle to establish the cancellation of the decision by Yulia Gorbachova, the judge of Melitopol District Court, who refused to establish the legal fact of the air force officer’s death as a result of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

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