12:24 PM06.11.2019

Sila Prava: The Legal Front. Weekly Report June 3 – 8, 2019

The week was challenging

  1. Together with the widow of Olexandr Beliy, the commander IL-76 aircraft that was shot down by Russian diversionists in summer 2014 over Lugansk, at the Court of Appeal of Zaporizhya region we proved that the Russian Federation’s guilt of that act of aggression.
  2. Another victory was achieved in District Court of Ordzhonikidze region (Zaporizhya). Together with Sergiy Burlaka’s (the volunteer from the Azov Battalion), widow, we proved that his death was caused by Russian aggression.
  3. In the court of Ivano-Frankivsk, together with the mother of the senior lieutenant of militia, Volodymyr Sharaburyak, who died with comrades on May 25, 2014, we proved that their helicopter was shot down as a result of the Russian military aggression. Previously, the official report stated that it was caused by “the wrongful act of a third party.” The deceitful Anti Terroristic Operation displays itself again.
  4. At Starosambir District Court of Lviv region, together with Halyna Vovk – the mother of Vasyl Vovk, who died at the age of 23 – we proved that his death was caused by the Russian aggression.
  5. In Cherkasy region, Zashkiv District Court established the guilt of the Russian Federation in two cases filed by the mothers of the fallen Vasyl Grytsenko, the National Guard sergeant, and Vladyslav Tryvolenko, a soldier of the 81st airmobile brigade.
  6. Together with the mother of Roman Sokurenko, a volunteer from the Azov Battalion, who was seriously injured during the battles for Ilovayysk and died of injuries in the military hospital in Germany (Ulm), we lived through this tragedy again. Gorodische District Court, Cherkasy region, once again established the guilt of Putin’s Russia.
  7. At Prydniprovsky District Court, Cherkasy region, we helped an injured corpsman-driver from the 81st brigade to get a positive decision in his favor and prove the guilt of the Russian Federation.
  8. At Slovyansk District Court, Donetsk region, we helped Viktor Strelchenko, an internally displaced person from Gorlivka.
  9. At Darnytsa District Court of Kyiv, together with Oksana Lushina, and internally displaced person from Donetsk, we proved the guilt of the Russian Federation and established the fact of her home city’s occupation.

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