03:26 PM07.01.2016

Sila Prava received the first ruling in favor of the wounded defender of Ukraine

On July 15, 2016, for the first time ever, Popilniansky District Court, Zhytomyr region, recognized the legal fact of military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and, consequently, the injury of the Ukrainian officer who was wounded performing his military service duties in Donbass.

In 2014, Vladimir Storozhuk, Popilniansky district police officer, joined joint police detachment of Zhytomyr region and defended Ukraine in Lugansk region.

In January 2015 he was called up for military service in Armed Forces of Ukraine. July 13, 2015, performing his military service in the immediate vicinity of Donetsk Airport near Peski, Donetsk region, Vladimir Storozhuk was grievously wounded.

His Honor Judge Leonid Vasiliev granted the claim drafted by the team of Sila Prava Zhytomyr legal office with support from Evgeniy Dobriak, Zhytomyr regional coordinator.

The Sila Prava team, namely Vadim Severinenko, Sila Prava Executive Director, and Viktoriia Sak, Zhytomyr Legal Office Head, appeared for the defender of Ukraine.

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