10:19 AM09.15.2016

Sila Prava keeps legally attacking the aggressor state in Lugansk region

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, Sila Prava legal team once again secured a victory on legal battlefield. His Honor Aleksandr Pelikh, the Judge of Starobelsky District Court, Lugansk region, granted the application filed by Irina Kalinina, an internally displaced person from Lugansk region.

The court recognized the legal fact of Irina Kalinina`s forced relocation as a result of military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and occupation of the part of Lugansk region by the Russian Federation.

The claim and all supporting documents were prepared by Sila Prava legal team. Anastasia Krasii, a legal expert of Sila Prava Severodonetsk legal office, appeared for Irina Kalinina.

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