04:46 PM12.02.2015

Sila Prava initiated legal struggle against Russia

December 2, 2015, Sila Prava Ukrainian public movement held a press conference aimed at informing the press and the public on the first results of legal struggle against the Russian Federation as an aggressor state.


The event was attended by Andrei Senchenko, Sila Prava Head, as well as Mykola Siry and Vadim Severinenko, members of Sila Prava Coordination Council. The Sila Prava representatives provided detailed information on the principles and methods of Sila Prava legal activities, the strategy and legal mechanisms for judicial support to the citizens of Ukraine affected by Russian military aggression, the prospects for receiving compensation, as well as presented the first legal judgment finding Russia to have initiated military aggression that aggrieved the citizens of Ukraine.


According to UNO, over two million internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have been affected by the Russian military aggression, are currently residing on the territory of Ukraine. They are immediate relatives to victims of military activities, military and civilians who lost property as a result of military activities, military and civilians who suffered from captivity, military and civilians who sustained injury as a result of military activities, as well as (IDPs) from the Crimea and Donbass.


“Russia initiated military aggression against Ukraine nearly two years ago. Still the country`s authorities neither developed any legal strategy aimed at struggling against the aggressor state nor surveyed waste and assessed damages – noted Andrei Senchenko, Sila Prava Head. – Ukraine`s citizens and legal entities were left to sink or swim. Meantime Ukraine`s affirmative actions leave a lot to be desired and are perceived as an imitation rather than efficient activities. Our country wastes time and evidence that are impossible to renew and recover. Sila Prava has developed and is currently introducing a large-scale program aimed at helping the citizens of Ukraine recovering compensation from the Russian Federation as an aggressor state”.


According to Mykola Siry, the movement`s legal strategy is based on the United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property dated December 2, 2004. According to the document`s provisions, a state does not enjoy the jurisdictional immunity at another state`s court in case a judgement is related to compensation in case of death/injury or inflicting damage to a state`s property caused by actions or lack of action on behalf of the country-respondent.


Sila Prava is currently aiming at:

  • Developing and introducing pilot projects on every category of persons affected and various damage types;
  • Creating large-scale information background proving the fact of Russian military aggression and violations of international conventions;
  • Creating software allowing to efficiently manage lawsuits of over two million persons affected;
  • Developing damage evaluation procedures;
  • Developing infrastructure to provide the affected persons with legal support in all regions of Ukraine by opening public reception offices;
  • Submitting requests to courts, providing legal advice on all the stages of juridical inquiries, and advocating interests of the citizens of Ukraine affected by Russian military aggression.


Video broadcast is avaliable here (in Russian/Ukrainian): http://www.ukrinform.ua/rubric-pressconference/1922812-yuridichniy-front-pershi-rezultati-borotbi-z-agresorom-zala-1.html#

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