12:22 AM04.10.2015

War against Russia: Legalistic Battlefield

Aiming at protecting national interests Ukraine currently uses a set of symbolic and practical legalistic instruments.

A number of lawsuits filed at international juridical institutions can be regarded as symbolic for a variety of reasons. They will not establish the fact of the RF aggression, require consent to assert jurisdiction, are “doomed” to contempt, and not deal with the matter of damage recovery integrally. Still, suchlike lawsuits must be filed in order to step up political pressure on the aggressor.

Meanwhile, there`s a set of challenges that Ukraine has not met since march 2014. These are the issues of protecting national interests regarding the so-called “nationalization” of large-scale businesses operating on the occupied territories (mainly oil and gas producers) and other business entities with 100% or partial ownership of the State of Ukraine.

Having analyzed the current situation, the author arrives at the conclusion that Ukraine does not make any coordinated steps to handle legal relations with Russian Federation giving rise to a number of risks of nationwide scale. As a result of Russia`s military aggression and territorial annexation, Ukraine currently faces of complex of legal matters regarding property restoration and indemnity to the State and individuals affected.

Ukrainian governmental bodies should classify all legal requirements and procedures. Otherwise, random national and private pressure will result in legalistic failure. In this context, legal requirements of the State of Ukraine, private individuals and legal entities will be impossible to meet.


Source: www.gazeta.zn.ua, Stanislav Batrin

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