01:03 AM02.13.2015

Legalistic Resistance to Russian Aggression

Russia`s forcible annexation of the Crimea, weapon employment against Ukraine, the smuggling in armed bands and military units – all these actions are regarded as acts of aggression against Ukraine and crimes against peace and security that breach basic international law.


The aggression countermeasures should include:

  • de jure recognition of the aggression;
  • international legal counteractions against the aggressor;
  • damage assessment;
  • national legal counteractions against the aggressor.

The counteractions taken by both Ukraine and international community should aim at:

  • terminating the aggression against Ukraine;
  • receiving aggression non-repetition guarantees;
  • receiving full compensation for the damage (both non-economic, human and financial losses, including expectation losses) caused;
  • bringing individuals guilty of aggression to criminal and other types of liability.

Having analyzed the current situation, the author arrives at the conclusion that a consolidated strategy and a detailed action plan designed to reinforce the anti-aggression activities of Ukraine`s government, business, NGOs, and other institutions seeking indemnity, must be drafted and brought up for public discussion ASAP.


Source: www.gazeta.zn.ua, Aleksandr Chaliy, Aleksandr Malinovskiy

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