02:00 PM10.20.2015

Hungary to open “mobile courts” for border trespassers

According to a source in the Interior Ministry, Hungarian authorities will open mobile courts with judges and prosecutors to prosecute trespassing migrants.


Judges will have special cars to try the perpetrators, to avoid bringing the violators deep into Hungary`s territory and wasting time, the courts will be held near the border. The first courts will start operating near the Hungarian villages of Roszke and Asotthalom close to the border with Serbia.

The Hungarian government adopted a new package of laws on tackling the refugee crisis; the law came into force on September 15, 2015. The law stipulates detention or deportation for illegally crossing the border or damaging the border fence. The legislation also envisages tougher punishments for human traffickers.

Olga Poedinok, counselor, PhD Law, Senior Professor Department of External Policy and Diplomacy at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, commented on the issue:

“The decision to open mobile courts should contribute to the rapid administration of justice in order to prevent social crisis in Hungary due to the massive arrival of migrants. The main thing is that the speed of decision-making must not detriment the quality of judicial inquiries and decisions with due regard to Hungary`s obligations under international law”.


Source: www.pravo.ua

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