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Ukraine is preparing another lawsuit against Russia to the ECHR - Anton Yanchuk

In September, the Ukrainian side will prepare and submit against another lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights.


In September, the Ukrainian side will prepare and submit against another lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights. This was during a meeting with representatives of the European External Action Service to discuss the consequences of the illegal occupation of the territory of Ukraine Deputy Justice Minister Anton Yanchuk. 

“In September we’re going to file another lawsuit against the Russian Federation concerning violations of the Convention on Human Rights not covered previous lawsuits,” – said Deputy Minister of Justice. 

At the same time, he said, the Ukrainian side is negotiating with Russia concerning the interpretation and application of the UN conventions, where Russian Federation recognizes the jurisdiction of the arbitration. 

“In addition, we are going to start negotiations on the rest of the international treaties which the Russian Federation recognizes the jurisdiction of international courts of arbitration and related institutions. As a result, we will use most of the tools settlement of international disputes Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the occupation of Crimea, organization and financing conflict in Donbass “, – said Anton Yanchuk. 

He also said that after the occupation of the territory of Ukraine managed to create a legal framework that ensures the solution of problems in the field of registration of rights. 

“We adopted the Law of Ukraine” On the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. ” Under this law the activity of any state agencies or officials in the temporarily occupied territories is considered illegal if the authorities or persons established, elected or appointed not mentioned in the legislation of Ukraine “, – said Deputy Minister. 

According to him, all natural and legal persons retain ownership and other rights to immovable property and land located in the temporarily occupied territories. 

“We do not recognize any document issued by the institution or body that is the de facto authorities in the Crimea, and not the authority of Ukraine, are going to adhere to this approach in the future”, – said Anton Yanchuk. 

During the visit, the delegation of Ukraine, consisting of Deputy Ministers for European Integration to EU institutions Deputy Justice Minister also participated in the meeting of the dialogue with the visa-free regime. The meeting discussed the progress of Ukraine towards corruption policy and the fight against organized crime. 

In addition, Anton Yanchuk took part in the first meeting of the Committee of association between Ukraine and the EU. He informed on the progress of Ukraine in the implementation of political reforms aimed at strengthening the rule of law and respect for human rights and anti-corruption reforms. Thus, participants discussed cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the area of ​​justice, freedom and security. 

Recall now the proceedings of the European Court of Human Rights are three interstate cases “against Ukraine”, “Ukraine against Russia (II)» and «Ukraine against Russia (III)».

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