06:59 PM05.30.2018

Foreign experts recognize the competition efforts of Sila Prava

The meeting between Andrey Senchenko, Head of Sila Prava, and Russell W. Damtoft, Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of International Affairs, took place in the central office of Sila Prava All-Ukrainian Human Rights Movement. Sergey Tsyvkach and Aleksandr Melnychenko, the members of Sila Prava Coordination Council, also joined the meeting.

During the meeting participants discussed the international experience of economic competition and the control over the monopoly activity, as well as the activities of Sila Prava Antimonopoly Center team in the current development of the Competitive-Procedural Code of Ukraine, designed to establish the procedures for legal investigations of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine by law, to ensure the effective protection of entrepreneurs, and severely decrease the possibilities of an arbitrary power.

The participants also ascertained the importance of the Antimonopoly Center’s work in the direction to create the system of a public partnership in the sphere of consumer and competition protection.

Foreign experts recognize the competition efforts of Sila Prava

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