12:01 PM10.09.2015

Crimeans flee the occupied Crimea and set off for Ukraine

The residents of the Russia-occupied Crimea are forced to leave their homeland and seek domicile in Ukraine because of unbearable psychological climate on the peninsula.


According to the results of the survey published by Oleksiy Skorik, Director of the Crimean House, the residents of Crimea are forced to set off for the mainland because of strong social and political pressure.

“Crimeans show their unwillingness to live in the socio-political conditions that prevailed after the annexation of the peninsula by the Russian Federation. They state the absence of direct threats to them or their relatives, but the intolerance and the socio-psychological climate that prevailed on the peninsula after the so-called referendum is the key reason of leaving their homeland and moving to the mainland”, – noted Skorik.

Moreover, the Crimeans move for other reasons, namely because of the dramatic changes in human relations. Those who have children, name such reasons as psychological pressure, unwillingness to educate children to the Russian school program, as well as strong pressure on the activists.

The research was conducted by focus groups within the period of July – September 2015.


Reference: founded in May 2014, the Crimean House has become the center of political resistance to the occupation of the Crimea, as well as political, social, informational, cultural, educational and scientific center for all national minorities and indigenous peoples of Crimea, the center of unity in all spheres of their cultural and spiritual life.


Source: www.sobytiya.info

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