11:42 AM08.27.2018

Board #76777: New Evidence for International Court against War Criminals

Overnight into June 14, 2014, using a man-portable air defense system, armed and Russia-controlled fighters shot down an IL-76 military transport aircraft with the Melitopol 25th Brigade of Transport Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It killed nine crew members and forty fighters of the 25th separate Dnepropetrovsk airborne brigade.

This tragic episode of an undeclared war against Ukraine is one of the gravest crimes of the Putin regime on our land.

At the end of 2014, Sila Prava developed and aggressively implements the legal strategy of the struggle on the legal front. We have three objectives: to help the victims – the families of the deceased, the wounded, and the internally displaced persons – receive monetary compensation for moral and material losses caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the occupation of part of the territory of our country, to punish the aggressor state materially, and to fix the evidence his crimes by the court rulings.

The first ruling of the Ukrainian court, which established the guilt of the Russian Federation in the death of Ilya Gayduk, was received on November 27, 2017, by the joint efforts of the Sila Prava team, Nadezhda Haiduk, the mother of the fallen defender of Ukraine, and his sister Ilyana. This allowed us to start working with the families of all those who died that night over Lugansk.

Last week, on August 22, Igor Bakhaev, Judge of the Melitopol district court of Zaporizhzhya region, having examined the applications of the widows of the dead crew members of board 76777, prepared by the lawyers of Sila Prava, established the legal facts of the death of Captain Sergei Telegin, the chief of the technical operational detachment, and Alexander Kovalyk, the senior air rifle of the guard of the ensign, as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Each of these decisions has additional evidence of Russian aggression and war crimes. In the trials in Melitopol, the families of the deceased were represented by Pavel Ganchuk, a member of the Sila Prava legal team.

Our immediate task – together with all the families of the deceased – is to receive similar court rulings and proceed to file lawsuits against the aggressor state.

Similar work is being carried out in all regions of our country for each episode of this war. Every victim can count on our unselfish professional support at all stages of the joint struggle on the legal front.

Judgments against the Russian Federation can be found here: https://sila-prava.org/uk/klyuchovi-dosyagnennya-ta-sudova-praktika/

P.S. The court rulings establishing the fault of Russia’s military and political leadership for crimes against Ukraine and its citizens do not relieve the responsibility of the idiots in shoulder straps that ignored the intelligence data and sent the defenseless transport aircraft to certain death.

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