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Andrey Senchenko: a piercing shot

The soldiers of the 40th area defense battalion released the originals of the ATO headquarters` operational orders to attack Ilovaisk dated August 4 and 5, 2014. The documents will be sent over to the military prosecutor’s office.


Circular defense of Victor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine and Victor Nazarov, ex-Chief of the ATO Staff, comes unglued under the public pressure.

The conclusions of the temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, dated October 20, 2014, are extended with new documents confirming that the attempt to recapture Ilovaisk was sanctioned with the direct order of the General Staff.

The information disseminated by the highest military authorities that commanders of volunteer battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to recapture Ilovaisk in the office of Gennady Korban, Deputy Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, turned out to be yet another attempt of Mr. Muzhenko and Mr. Nazarov to avoid taking on responsibility.

Only together persons involved, relatives and friends of the victims, independent media, and the citizens of Ukraine will be able to stop them dancing around the truth and get answers to the most burning questions about the bottom of Ilovaisk tragedy and the real extent of the losses.

Why were the MIA volunteer battalions, armed with small arms only, and area defense battalions chosen to attack the fortified sector?

What was the reason for not giving the grouping timely permission to leave Ilovaisk?

Why imitate the attempt to deliver a besieged garrison and send the 51st and 93rd brigades to their doom against superior enemy forces?

August 25, 2014, Ukraine received a request from the RF to change nine troopers of the 98th Svir Airborne Division for the corridor from the Ilovaisk encirclement. Why were Ukrainian political and military leaders unable to take action for 4 (!) days and released the Russian detainees on August 31 – two days after many Ukrainian soldiers had died whilst trying to escape the encirclement.

The public has numerous questions about Ilovaisk battle. All of them are to be answered.

Our obligation before the victims and their families is to reveal the truth and hold the guilty responsible for every life lost in Ilovaisk.

Source: day.kiev.ua

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